Sampurna Women

Sampurna women seeks to undertake research on gender in an interdisciplinary framework. The objective of the research centre is to create a vibrant space for young researchers, community social workers, academicians, activists, students concerned with the issues of gender, violence, sexuality, gender equality and rehabilitation in society. CROW promotes and executes interdisciplinary community based research which can contribute to a comprehensive, evidence-based research on the gender issues. The centre envisions to bridge a gap between academic research and community-based activities and programs.

Activities of the Sampurna women involve promoting the interdependence of research and community based inclusion. Our research areas include gender, violence against women public health and education. The centre regularly organizes lectures, seminars, workshops and film screening on a wide range of areas related to gender.

About the Director – Sampurna Women

Ms. Garima Jain is pursuing her PhD from the International Victimology Institute (INTERVICT), Tilburg University, Netherlands. Her PhD dissertation focuses on the narratives of the women and girls who are raped in India. Ms. Jain is a psychologist and has served as an Assistant Professor at O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat. She is invited for guest lectures at Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), New Delhi. She is a member of World Society of Victimology and has also been invited as an Individual expert at United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal justice in 2015 and 2017. Ms. Jain has published an edited volume on ‘Internet Infidelity: An Interdisciplinary Insight in a global context’ with Springer and has widely published with international journals. Encouraging and inspiring researchers and students are aspects she finds important in her work and which she will further effectuate as the Director of Sampurna Women.


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