Timeline – 2016 to current


स्वच्छ शौचालय- निरोग और स्वस्थ बच्चे- सशक्त भारत.

Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Sampurna started a project called ‘Delhi School Adarsh Toilet Mission, 2016’ on February 2016. The objective of the project was to ensure that the toilets of the municipal corporation schools are clean and usable. It will help in improving sanitation infrastructure in the municipal schools of Delhi (NCR) which will increase and maintain gross enrollment of children in schools of Delhi (NCR) region by ensuring improved water and sanitation infrastructure in schools. The projects aims to fulfil the universal right to education and health and meets its role in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, thereby increasing access to primary education, reducing child mortality, advancing gender equality and meeting targets for improving water and sanitation


  • Over 555 MCD schools have been approached through this initiative where a self- administered survey was filled detailing the conditions of toilets for students by the respective community school leader.
  • The community school leader visits the school twice in a month to ensure that the toilets are in proper working conditions meeting the basic hygienic and cleanliness motive.